1. Flour

We realize that the dough is the most important part of the pizza and use a flour imported directly from Naples. The owner stumbled upon this world famous Napoletana flour mill while abroad and it has become that of a tradition. The flour is additive free, milled slowly, and sourced with the highest quality wheat. Though with quality comes price, totaling at almost triple the cost of domestic flour. Our signature pizza would be nothing more than high-quality toppings on burnt cardboard without our signature dough.

2. Cheese

Buffalo Mozzarella (Mozzarella di Bufala) is our signature ingredient in every one of our pizzas. It is imported from Italy and is traditionally produced in Campania. Because this product has been granted “DOC” (Denominazione di origine controllata), it is legally only allowed to be produced in the provinces of Campania, Lazio, Apula, and Molise. These EU regulations make it difficult and expensive to obtain this specialty cheese (explaining an Italian term for Buffalo Mozzarella, “Oro Bianco” or “White Gold”) but we go to great lengths for the quality and authenticity of our product. Being one of the most important ingredients in our pizzas, we are proud to serve “Mozzarella di Bufala”.

3. Tomato Sauce

San Marzano is a region most famous for the growth of the highest quality tomatoes in the world. The balanced yet sweet taste of the San Marzano Tomato makes it the best tomato for pizza. This was first discovered by the Italians in 1770 when it was planted in the volcanic soil beneath Mount Vesuvius (The most active volcano on the European continent which supplies extraordinarily fertile soil for the local farmers of Napoli and the outlying region of Campania.) Due to this quality of produce, the San Marzano Tomato was stamped “DOC” (Denominazione di origine controllata), to control the production of the tomato and to legally require it to be produced in the region of Campania. Napoli 1 Pizza stands by the authenticity and quality of this tomato in the production of all our signature pizzas. We depend on it’s excellence to ensure that our pizzas are the best! the highest quality fresh mozzarella cheese from water buffalo milk from Italy.

4. Olive Oil

A signature ingredient to all of pizzas is our specialty olive oil imported from Italy. Allowing the crust to bake to a perfect crisp while preventing a dry pizza taste, our olive oil is especially essential to the taste of the pizza you love. It originates from only the best olives and is cold pressed to ensure purity. In all at Napoli 1 Pizza we take pride in our ingredients and realize that the quality of our ingredients is essential to the quality of our products.

5. Our Oven

An integral part of the pizza making process at Napoli 1 is our traditional handcrafted ovens imported from Napoli, Italia. Only taking 90 seconds to bake a full pizza, our ovens Etna and Vesuvius (named after the two volcanos in Napoli) cook at extremely high temperatures of up to 900F due to the insulation of the volcanic stone keeping in the heat burnt from the wood. This is in part one of the reasons are pizzas are ready so fast! All in all without our ovens, the pizza you love would not be the same.

Our mission always has been bringing the authentic taste of Neopolitan Pizza. Not others.

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